Cancer Jokes and Anecdotes
Cancer Jokes

Tumor Humor

When you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, it can help to have a sense of tumor.

Jokes and humorous anecdotes can lighten the mood and alleviate stress. Maintaining a positive attitude can help cancer patients deal with the toxic rigors of treatment.

A good joke can't hurt, unless you just had abdominal surgery, in which case, yeah, it does hurt to laugh.

Some of these cancer jokes are really funny, some are offensive and some are really bad, but they'll grow on you, like cancer.

Mark Kantrowitz is a long-term cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with cancer two weeks after the birth of his son. He wrote cancer jokes to help cope with the challenges of cancer treatment.

Tumor Humor is Mark's 13th book. His previous books included five bestsellers about planning and paying for college. He has also written two puzzle books of Laddergrams, a type of puzzle invented by Lewis Carroll.

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ISBN-13: 979-8-6637-0274-4
149 Pages, 20 Cartoons


"The book is a good place to turn for a giggle, even when your situation doesn't seem to call for humor."
— Beth Fand Incollingo, Cure Magazine, Volume 19, Issue 4, November 11, 2020.